Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Sun: Another Battle

FOOTBALL has come far since the early 1990s when racism was so entrenched it went almost unnoticed.
But David Cameron slightly overstates the case when he says he is proud Britain kicked it out of the game.
Gone are the days when black players like Brian Deane simply had to take the abuse. Britain is a more diverse and tolerant country now.
But racism DOES still exist in football, as some recent high-profile incidents show. They are the more newsworthy for their rarity — but they happen.
Where the PM is right is to urge a zero tolerance approach to racism on and off the field — to stop the game being dragged back into the Dark Ages and to prevent kids from growing up thinking it's acceptable.
But racism is only one battle.
Even in 2012 there are no openly gay players in the four top divisions.
No one has yet been brave enough to endure the inevitable abuse.
Racism may be in retreat.
But football still has a long way to go to achieve the level of tolerance to which we should aspire.

The Sun - today's leader.
The photo shows Fagburn's favourite footyball player, Robin Van Persie, with a semi.
Yummy though he is, I have no idea what team he plays for.


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  3. I think it's just the picture\angle\lighting\expression.