Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Sun Sunday: No More Mr Nasty Guy?

The first edition of The Sun Sunday boldly declares; "Welcome to a new dawn".
A puff piece, like much of the pre-publicity, tries to reassure the world that this will be a kindler, gentler newspaper.
"Honesty... decency... blah blah blah" - they've even got rid of Page Three.
It sets out its stall with a first cover story that's a squish-squish celebrity "human interest" about Amanda Holden - and they got it by talking to the TV star, not tapping her phone!
But didn't its predecessor the News of the World become Britain's biggest selling newspaper because a lot of people liked its naughtiness and nastiness?
It made the staple fare of a Sunday tabloid sensation, sex and scandal - and I'm sure most readers knew its biggest scoops were often obtained through nefarious, if not criminal, means, and were more than happy to collude in this.
One wonders how long The Sun Sunday will keep up this nice guy act.
What if readers actually wanted the News of the World Mark II?
I bet the editor is secretly fuming that post Hackgate and so close to the Leveson Inquiry he can't indulge in some old school skullduggery and get a really juicy, nasty "scoop".

PS Its "stunning line-up of new columnists" include Katie Price, Heston Blumenthal (inexplicably), the increasingly unbearable Neo-Tory, Toby Young and... The Archbishop of York!
Yes, the one who was all over the papers the other week going on about how he opposed gay marriage.
It's quite baffling.
I did try and warn you he's a publicity barking mad media whore, and will do anything to get his name in the papers.
Still, good to know the kinder, gentler Sun Sunday has hired the queerbasher du jour.

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