Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thought For The Day: Stephin Merritt

"If you Google 'God wants us to wait' there are whole websites about so-called abstinence education – as if one has to be taught how to not have sex. I went to elementary school partly in Boston, which is a very Catholic town, and there was a lot of talk about abstinence and guilt...
"It's actually a complicated issue for me because while I detest Christianity and think ethics are bunk, I also realise Aids more or less destroyed the argument that we should all fuck like bunnies in the street and that anyone who says otherwise is a moron. While it is true, obviously, that we should fuck like bunnies in the street, we need to be wearing the proper clothing while doing so. Anyway, it's a complex situation easily satirised with stupid but fun little songs such as God Wants Us to Wait."

The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt interviewed in The Guardian Guide.
It's gone online already, but I guess technically it's Thought For Next Saturday.

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