Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Transphobia: Shock Shock Horror Horror!

'My first reaction upon hearing that a British trans man had given birth was a sigh and a somewhat world-weary "so?". But then I had forgotten – silly me! – the fascination, bordering on obsession, that large swaths of the non-trans world have for the most trivial of stuff concerning members of the trans community. So how could this not be of interest?
'Is it in the public interest, though – the debate, that is? And is it quite the apocalyptic "shock! horror!" event being painted by the tabloids? Just don't let awkward things like facts get in the way of a good story. Because, of course, trans men are and have been mums since for ever, through the sneaky device of having children before their transition – or by retaining eggs that can be used for IVF after transition. Besides, ask around the trans community and the clear consensus is that this is so far not the first instance of a UK post-transition man giving birth...'

Jane Fae writing on The Guardian Online.
The Daily Mail's story.
And Jane on The Sun trying to out him.
As I keep moaning for the tabloids trans is the new gay; only ever a joke or a scandal, and news in itself.
When will the British press grow up?

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