Friday, 27 April 2012

James Dawson: Queen Of Teen

The Telegraph allowed itself a manly giggle over the news that James Dawson has been shortlisted for the Queen of Teen Award for his debut novel, Hollow Pike.
'Queen Of Teen... Could Be A Man'
"The next Queen of Teen could be a King. James Dawson, a former journalist turned author, has become the first man to be shortlisted for the fiction prize voted for by teenagers...
"If Dawson wins he will, of course, have to wear the victor's 'Queen of Teen tiara'. Well, it is an age of equality".
Tee hee-hee.
Telegraph readers will doubtless love to hear that the lovely Mr Dawson says he'd love nothing more than this. 
"Let me explain why I’m so keen to be the queen," James writes on his website. "Number one, there is a crown involved. AN ACTUAL CROWN.
"More importantly though, when I was a little boy, I used to love wrapping myself up in my mum’s gold duvet and pretending to be a character called ‘Princess Susan’ (what? I was like five!). I made my sister be my servant, Sally (sorry, Joanne). However, I was always getting told off for this because ‘it’s not what little boys do’. This sense of ‘doing things wrong’ continued well into my twenties. I thought there were certain things boys shouldn’t do or say just because they are boys.
"This is obviously HORSESHIT. No-one, male or female, should ever feel limited on the basis of gender. I like to think, that if I could get anywhere near that crown it’d send out a beacon-like message to all the teenage readers that GENDER MEANS NOTHING. Everyone needs to feel like a queen now and then."
Yes, young Mr Dawson is a big old queen - for more see his website again.
It's something that's clearly informed Hollow Pike; a book about high school and witchcraft and witch-hunts, both old and new - where Heathers meets The Crucible in the Yorkshire Dales.
Heck, he even hangs a whole chapter around Lady Gaga.
Obviously, I'm a gay journalist so I'm saying all this without actually having read the book (yet), but it does sound ever so good. 
The Queen of Teen Award is voted for by, you, the public.
So vote James - a queen for Queen.

PS Obviously it would be daft to vote for him just because he's gay - it's more that I see him as future boyfriend material and am trying to get in his good books.

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