Saturday, 21 April 2012

Matthew Parris: God Help Us

"On the margins of bigger news in recent days have been three little stories that caught my attention. The Mayor of London has reportedly stepped in to stop a Christian evangelical group advertising on London buses their claim that people can be “cured” of being homosexual."And Chris Birch, from Wales, has testified to turning from being heterosexual to being gay, after suffering a stroke when he broke his neck at the age of 26. Meanwhile, in a letter to The Times this morning, 15 senior figures in the Church of England — bishops and others — support gay marriage and see “God’s grace at work in same-sex relationships”.
"It seems that, depending on your point of view, God, a stroke or a broken neck can turn you gay, help you to be gay or make you straight. On one thing, though, these opinions all agree — people can change.
"And (gulp) I think that’s true. I will be misinterpreted; I may give comfort to wrongheaded evangelicals; gay friends may think I’m letting the side down ... but I do believe that male sexual orientation is less fixed than we suppose. It may alter. We gays fought that idiotic “section 28” on dishonest grounds. Homosexuality can, as the statute implied, be “promoted”. So can heterosexuality. It always has been, with much success..."

Matthew Parris in The Times.
Yes, people change, most of my ex-boyfriends are straight.
So what?
Miss Parris goes on to jizz out ever more cliches - and shows that the idea of homosexuality as a social construct and a modern "invention" is now the preserve of the right.
I'm so bored with people writing the most stupid and banal things and saying they're being controversial.
You're not - you're just being stupid and banal.

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