Friday, 13 April 2012

Stupid Poll Watch: You And Me Both

"A FIFTH of gay Brits are planning to become civil ­partners this year and almost half would like to marry in a church.
"Nearly two-thirds of grooms-to-be want to wear an engagement ring, a poll by dating site found..."

The Daily Star
Regular viewers will know nothing - nothing - gladdens Fagburn's heart more than a press release about a stupid poll turned into news FACT!
Sure beats journalism. 
Okay, let's do the maths on this one...
The number of male civil partnerships over the last few years averages out at 3,000 a year - that's 6,000 gay men getting hitched.
Let's be generous and say we have three-quarters of 2012 left - so we might expect 4,500 gay men in the UK to get civilly partnered this year.
So if "a fifth of gay Brits are planning to become civil ­partners this year" that means there are only 20,250 gay men in the UK.
That's less than one in a thousand adult males. 
Admittedly this is somewhat lower than previous estimates about how many gay men there are, but you can't argue with science, can you?
The survey also begs the obvious question of what exactly all these soon to be happily "married" men are doing on Gaydar? 
Fagburn's mind is positively BOGGLED!


  1. thanks for the laugh, mister.

  2. Possibly some illiterate didn't understand that the placing of a word in a sentence can affect the meaning and couldn't see a difference between:

    "A fifth of gay men said this year that they planned to become civil partners"


    "A fifth of gay men said that they planned to become civil partners this year."

    1. The Gaydar press release says...

      "A fifth (20%) of gay or bisexual guys in the UK are planning to marry in the next year"