Saturday, 5 May 2012

Daily Mail: Bread And Meat (And Milk)

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Cameron can only win with true Tory values 
'The electorate did deliver a very clear message to the Prime Minister: they want him to stop pandering so much to the Liberal Democrats (who now have fewer councillors than at any time in their history) and govern as a Tory.
'As defence minister Gerald Howarth remarked, the party’s natural supporters are bewildered by the decision to prioritise fringe issues such as gay marriage and House of Lords reform when the country is struggling to escape the worst slump since the 1930s...'

Daily Mail leader.

'Stewart Jackson MP called for an end to ‘barmy’ policies. ‘David Cameron is on notice that he does need to raise his game,’ he said
"‘He needs to focus on bread-and-butter issues like jobs and mortgages and public services and, above all, to develop a clear route map to growth, and stop fixating on the agenda of a liberal clique around him and barmy policies such as Lords reform and gay marriage, which people either don’t like or don’t care about.
‘"There is a growing frustration from many Conservative backbenchers that their views are not being listened to."’ 

Daily Mail lead story.

'Mr Cameron is a charismatic leader who has refreshed his party, and made it far more comfortable with the modern world. But his political strategy and positioning are failing to deliver. By making a totem of issues such as overseas aid and gay marriage, he has alienated core voters without winning new ones. The result of adhering to a Westminster definition of the centre ground, and trying to be all things to all people, is that the Conservative Party now appears to lack the message, the focus, and the strategy to win a majority.'

Daily Telegraph leader.

The Stewart Jackson "Bread and butter issues" quote - echoing Gerald Howarth's "No mandate" mantra yesterday * - looks set to be the new "Doesn't know the price of milk".
Expect it to be endlessly puked up by the Mail and Telegraph in the near future.
It's a complete canard, as the Mail indicates in the small print; 'Senior MPs do not believe issues such as gay marriage and Lords reform have had much impact on Tory support.
'They argue mid-term unpopularity is inevitable for a government embarked on a far more radical programme of spending cuts than anything Margaret Thatcher attempted...'
Many Mail and Telegraph-types may feel distinctly queasy about the chatter about gay marriage, but I'd imagine the number of people being so appalled they'd actually change their vote over this is miniscule.
But anyway, let's get back to Tory basics: Tax cuts, red tape, Eurocrats, law and order, immigrants, bring back hanging and national service for the workshy welfare scum blah blah bloody BLAH.
"The buggers are legal now, what more are they after?"

PS Predictably baffling, arse-over-tit argument presented by Matthew Parris in The Times;
'Pause, fellow Tories. Before launching this weekend into the familiar lament that the Conservative Party has lost touch with its “core values”, “core Tory message”, and “core supporters”, pause and call to mind a face, a grin, a mop of ash-blond hair and a rumpled suit...
'Do we suppose that “core” Labour voters are unconcerned about immigration, crime or scroungers? Are they baying for an end to smacking? Can you hear the mob down at the Clydeside shipyard howling: “What do we want? Gay marriage! Who do we love? Brussels bureaucrats! What are we waiting for? Cheap immigrant labour!”?
Oh dear...

* An online article from 2000 wonders if Gerald Howarth is a "gay Tory hypocrite". Who can say?


  1. Who would care?
    Didn't Mathew Parris try to survive on a weeks dole money in some 'show us how we live' doc on the tv years ago...and failed?

  2. Matthew Parris is such a silly old tory tit.