Monday, 18 June 2012

Scottish Sun: I Was Away When We Did Numbers

THE majority of Scots are AGAINST plans to legalise gay weddings, according to new figures.
'Around 70,000 people responded to the issue in one of the biggest Scottish Government surveys since devolution.
'And about Two-thirds — 50,000 — are opposed to the proposals...'

The Scottish Sun.

Ah, no, sorry - not true.
This is just how the amount of responses to the Scottish government's consultation divvy up.
You can't spin it into being a representative "survey" of how the nation feels.
That would be silly.
My hunch is you've been spoonfed this distortion by some wee bigot from Scotland For Marriage, who you quote.
But that's balls, too - when the consultation closed in December only 50,000 responses had been received in total
But you are good enough to add a bit of small print somewhere near the bottom of this story that in an actual survey the opposite is true.
'A recent poll supported by gay rights groups found that two-thirds of Scots were in FAVOUR of marriage rights for gays.'
Yup, in a MORI poll released quite literally yesterday 64% of Scottish people said they support gay marriage.

PS The Home Office received more than 100,000 responses to the consultation on introducing gay marriage into England and Wales - this is believed to be the biggest ever response to a Home Office proposal


  1. Whatchya cock..seems to be a statistical analysis of Chevalier d'Eon on the end link.

    1. Just did that for a little joke.
      Decided to change it back now.


  2. What does this mean (from the Guardian article)?

    In fact the consultation goes further, saying: "It will not be legally possible under these proposals for religious organisations to solemnise religious marriages for same-sex couples."

    1. That despite the govt's claim to be "consulting", gaymarrying in church is a no-no and not up for discussion...