Thursday, 9 August 2012

Animals: Won't Someone Please Think Of The Penguins!

A comment piece in the latest edition of the journal Nature warns scientists of the pitfalls of allowing their work on sexual behaviour among animals to be ‘sensationalised’ in the media, with a particular focus on ‘gay’ animals.
Andrew Barron and Mark Brown penned the primer for researchers to help them avoid potential misunderstanding of their studies about animals’ sex lives.
They make particular reference to headlines including ‘She-male Garter Snakes: Some Like It Hot’, ‘Bug sexual warfare drives gender bender’ and ‘Brokeback Mutton’...

Pink News.
Pink News stories about "gay penguins" in the last few years, just by way of example, 36!
Like anyone who's not a total gaytard gives a fuck.

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