Monday, 6 August 2012

Black Sabbath: Paranoid

This is the greatest record ever made.
End of!

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  1. PRICE OF SNARKNESS…bites the heads off flumps9 August 2012 at 21:52

    whaaa!? greatest song ever??? typical self-loathing queen….um, helloooo, britneys’ "womaniser"???!!! smdh internalised homophobia!
    add some ANDROID to that PARANOID and then we can talk greatness.

    other than radiohead i don't fuck wit guitary noisy shit anymore. how i managed to convince myself i loved fugazi et al back in da day, fuck knows. i hate everything i used to love. only thing still bearable is hole's "miss world" which is BETTER than nirvana. scientists proved it.

    i've been seduced and abandoned (ahem) too many times by stars, scenes and twattery. the only musos worth loving are obligingly dead and would not try to hurt me… the way kate bush did by launching the aural equivalent of dresden on top of our relationship/ her legacy.

    like a sad, solitary — somewhat sexy — monk, i tend the shrines of nina*, saint jeff, marvin; and thom yorke -- who is uncooperatively undead but suitably wraith-like to pass. (tracey thorne you too could have joined the assembly of saints had you embraced your mortality in the literal manner *i* prescribe instead of the way *you* chose -- a song about menopause. vaginal dryness. or whatever.)

    “but your thoughts betray you, young jedi,..there IS ANOTHER….”


    …..i don't know if i've mentioned him before, fagburn?
    (here’s hoping he’s off to a better place soonish whence he shall never disappoint)

    * not the one off of balloons obvs.