Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bradley Manning: Another Man

And while that self-publicist continues to self-publicise, Bradley Manning has been holed up for 800 days.
"It is unwise to give power to those who seek it" - Old anarchist saying.
Run from the vain, their egos will betray all your ideals - New Fagburn saying.

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  1. Behind you 100%.

    Love your 'old' saying but it still holds true. My favourite word is vainglorious.

    Assange has now developed a God complex, Ecuador has had us all looking on Wikipedia and the Assange-Dementers are everywhere. Feels like I'm in a dream.

    Meantime Manning just appears as an inconvenience to the whole circus. But as I have said many times, everyone has their Achilles Heel and it's just a matter of finding it. And it's never complicated.