Thursday, 16 August 2012

Daily Mail: From The Message Boards

'Olympic hero Tom Daley cuddles up to US dive sensation Kassidy Cook for night out to see The Lion King

He didn’t want anything getting in the way of a medal at London 2012, telling friends that even girlfriends were off the schedule.
But now, with his Olympic dream accomplished, diver Tom Daley has wasted no time in pursuing a close friendship...'

The Daily Mail.

Some selected - and highly selective - readers' comments.
Have to say I'm extremely surprised the Mail published some of these - particularly as they print endless articles about "online bullying"...

Well, Daley is almost an acronym of Lady....
- Scoosh, Puppy, 16/8/2012 17:12

@ Kev, manchester: My girlfriend taught Tom at secondary school. Let's just say that he has a very effeminate demeanor, and this was well known throughout the school.
- Aerospace professional, Derby, UK, 16/8/2012 16:51

Have you seen the way he walks - its like watching John Inman....
- Judy, Devon, 16/8/2012 16:23

Does anyone really believe this guy is straight? He's obviously not.
- Kev, Manchester, 16/8/2012 15:03

"Tom's mum recently revealed that he hasn't had a 'proper' girlfriend that she knows of." - I wonder why on earth that could be?! Cough.


  1. Maybe he's a really effeminate bi lad?
    They do exist, dearie.
    It's a sad day - aye, a sad day indeed - when Fagburn and the average Daily Mail website commenter practice the same biphobia, bisexual erasure and general anti-bisexualness.

  2. You say you can't believe the Mail printed some of those comments but it seems to me that's the point of these articles. Not wishful thinking on the tabloids' part, as you suggest, but a way to snigger at someone who they think they know is gay (and closeted) trying to appear straight.
    The comments are reflective of the tabloid view.
    I find the whole fing a bit sad tbh :/

  3. Seriously, FAGBURN! What does you fink???

    Or is this post just another "See, he's a gay!" one??

    I don;t think he's bi, obviously - but he could be, couldn't he? (not a rhetorical question).
    All this "biphobia", "bisexual erasure" stuff seems like an academic argument (unless we're talking about people treating those who claim to be bi with suspicion and disbelief) - but the fact everyone just assumes because he's obviously effeminate and shows all outward signs of being gay, doesn't mean he isn't bi.
    Does it?

    I think we should respect him enough to at least feel a little sad about those who automatically assume he isn't - which is based on an assumption surely that bisexuality doesn't exist... or that bisexuals must be "straight acting" dudes/gals who prefer a bit of the other on the side???

    1. My views - that she's a little screamer - are irrelevant.

    2. Irrelevant to some who can't countenance the idea of bisexuality, yus. :)
      More relevant on a blog about gay men, where the automatic assumption that an outwardly seeming gay man can't ever be bisexual seems bit small-minded - albeit driven by libidinous desire twoards his person.
      If he;s bi then he's still queer - maybe that's as far as one can assume while still claiming to care about him and respect him.#Just a thought!

    3. PRINCE OF SNARKNESS17 August 2012 at 18:21

      for that matter why is it beyond consideration that he might just be (slightly) effeminate and actually totally straight? (a la david walliams, cowell, or am i just totally gullible? )[i almost included neil sedaka here but i think that would be pushing it lol]

      i hate the idea that mincing gaits, over-sibilant esses, over-gesticulation, extravagant neck wear etc. are somehow written into male homosexuality at the level of genetics or biology. what kind of deterministic shit is that!

      it's my entirely unscientific belief that effeminate traits or campness is randomly distributed among ALL men with some of these men, who are gay, being less concerned to conceal it; with some gay men who are otherwise "typically masculine" indulging in deliberate acts of gender defiance. straight men are incredibly motivated to conceal their atypical male (stereotypical gay) traits; this is not always entirely effective whether it's a high pitched voice like mike tyson, or a mincing walk like john wayne.

      so there! *flounces out of room*

  4. I've tried to post your reply three times but no - think my computer must have a dorkblock.

    1. That must be it. :)
      You have to become a member to comment on Queerty now, too.
      Looks like two sites I won't be fucked with anymore.
      "Hooray" everyone shouts.
      Can't say I blame em. x

    2. Re Queerty - I opened the form and (for now) got in just by typing in a name and password...

    3. I think they're going over to members only on Monday.
      I used to like the fact that anyone could comment and that's partly why I liked Queerty so much - gradually, bit by bit, they're getting rid of everything that made it good.
      Plus all the writers now seem to have terribly middle class names like Tarquin and Brentford... :(