Monday, 20 August 2012

Downton Abbey: Villainous Footman Still Gay

“The gay thing comes back in this series. He stopped being gay in series two!
“I had to ring upstairs and ask Julian, ‘Am I still gay?’ I said, ‘Right, OK.’
“Seriously, in series two the drama focused on the Second World War and the huge impact it had on people back home in Britain in dealing with the dead and wounded. The gay thing was largely ignored.
“But Thomas has a beautiful storyline which evolves right through the new series and there is a massive pay-off.”
“There are some emotional scenes which were very challenging. “I hope the audience will identify with why Thomas is the way he is – he has this secret which he can’t tell anyone about because it’s illegal.
“He has this burden which he wants to share and we see that explained in a lovely storyline, thanks to Lord Fellowes.”

"Downton hunk" Rob James-Collier quoted in The Sun
Who've called the article 'Proud To Play A Gay' - so brave!
Is "massive pay-off" like a money-shot?


  1. I used to fancy the pants off Rob James-Collier when he was in Coronation Street, but I haven't bothered with this or any of Julian Fellowes' toff wank fests.
    I'd like to see Downton Abbey just because Maggie Smith's in it, but I haven't bothered yet, which I regret (only for Maggie though).

    I might check this out, though - sounds like a full-blown gay love affair with a happy ending.
    Aww, I hope so...

  2. Whoops, I see this is Downton.
    I assumed it was that Upstairs Downstairs fing.
    Gay love affairs AND Maggie Smith... time to watch it!!!!

  3. Have you watched Downton Abbey? If you have, then you know tht series two focuses on the FIRST World War. Get it together!

    1. I am not responsible for The Sun's howlers.