Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Drugs: Just Say Know

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people could be seven times more likely to take drugs than the general population, the first ever study into the communities’ alcohol and drug use has found. 
Across all ages, 35% of the people surveyed had taken at least one illicit substance in the last month, which is likely to be seven times more common than in the general population...

Mancunian Matters,  the survey was conducted by LGF.
You can read the report here.
This canard that this was the first ever survey into gay men's drug use has become something of a meme on the internet - there have been many dating back to the 70s.
What's interesting is most seem to suggest the same figure of roughly a third of gay men taking drugs - usually contrasted to 10% of the general population (not seven times, this is from a silly apples/oranges comparison).
I think it's patently true we take more - but it's impossible to really quantify or verify.
There's a classic piece of research that "showed" lesbians drank much more than other people - where was it conducted?
In lesbian bars! 

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