Sunday, 12 August 2012

Marc & The Mambas: Years Of Tears

And so, to the sound of thundering timpani, an imperious Almond strides out in Andalusian sombrero, black silk kimono, and Cuban heels. He throws a flamenco pose, and stamps into a show which leaves everyone feeling that they have seen something very special.
A sculpture of a bull's head waits atop a grand piano. Early in the first act, during Jacques Brel's "The Bulls" he will wear it as a mask while, overhead, images of dancing senoritas alternate with photos of slaughtered bulls. Though opposed to animal cruelty, Almond is both repelled and attracted by the horror of a bullfight and the raw sexuality of its symbolism. Torment and Toreros draws parallels, implicit and explicit, between matadors and military massacres, prostitution and addiction, masturbation and suicide...

Simon Price reviews Marc & The Mambas at Antony Hegarty's Meltdown for The Independent.
Don't know why or what's happening this weekend to make me so sentimental, but this review made me quite tearful.
Go Simon!
Go Antony!
Go Marc!
And the Mambas!

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