Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paralympics: I Am What I Am

I know I should probably dismiss this as a load of sentimental old nonsense, but this made me cry.
Like a little gurl.
Ah, maybe I'm losing my edge.
Or maybe there's some hope for the world.
Take it away, Beverley...


  1. You're not wrong! Musically, the Paralympics Opening Ceremony outshone the Olympics manyfold! It was quality all the way - Spasticus Autisticus and blind soprano Denise Leigh were also highlights for me. Mike x x

  2. The Paralympics has to be the most disappointing thing ever - I assumed that it would be just like the O'Lympics but with only the Parachute Regiment competing. Oh well, back under my rock for another month I suppose.

  3. Also featuring the London Gay Mens Chorus.