Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pet Shop Boys: Older

“People didn’t expect pop musicians to be performing in their fifties, although people in their fifties have always been writing pop songs — the guy who wrote Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head was the guitar player in Mud. We can do it because from the very beginning we wanted to create our own Pet Shop Boys world. You can invite people into that world, like Dusty Springfield or Johnny Marr, but you’re not competing with others, you’re following your own rules...”
 “Oh, taxi drivers can be brutal,” he says. “‘My mum really likes you’ is one we get a lot. Worse than that is, ‘I used to really like you’. And that’s meant to be a compliment.”
“Apart from when they think you’re Holly Johnson,” adds Chris Lowe, from the leather sofa he is slouched in.
“Some lad came up to us the other day and said: ‘My dad used to really like you’, ” Tennant continues. “Well, thank you for that. And ‘your early stuff’ comes up constantly. People always like the early stuff.”

An amusing interview with Pet Shop Boys in The Times.
Many of the songs on forthcoming album, Elysium - like the lovely new single Invisible - are meditations on getting older, both as a band and as a (gay) man.

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