Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Guardian: Homophobic? Much

We met in 1985 and, with the zest of naive young am-drammers, fell in love. We were going to be funny actors, alternative and groundbreaking. I was going to produce beautiful babies. We were going to live in a villa overlooking the sea. There's something to be said for not having a clue. We were going to be magnificent.
We married during the storms of 1987. Big dreams were replaced by normal jobs. We were a unit, self-contained, solid. Then this: my infertility. It was devastating. But that was fine, we could adopt. Then this: your new job in theatre. It took you to London, Monday to Friday. You felt too itinerant to commit to the adoption process. I agreed. That could wait.
Then this: your secretive, moody self. Your quick temper. Your regular excuses to stay in the capital over the weekend. My conclusion: someone else was getting the smiley side, the nice part of you. I compensated by being nicer. I tried to be prettier.
Then this in 2002: your coming-out. I began to realise how truly horrible you'd been to me for years...

The Guardian.
Written by "Anonymous" - thankfully.
Don't you think he might have had his own problems?

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