Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thought For The Day: Mark Steel

"There's a company called Atos, that you may have heard of, and the achievement it's best known for is to be despised by thousands of the disabled. Graffiti such as "Atos kills" is common on some housing estates, which must be why Atos is one of the main sponsors of the Paralympics. It makes sense, in the way that if you had a gay Olympics, you'd get it sponsored by the Pope..."

The great Mark Steel in the Independent on the cruel irony of Atos sponsoring the Paralympics.
Atos are currently being paid £100m a year to try and scare the disabled, sick and vulnerable off benefits.
I wish them all dead.  

PS There are a series of actions against Atos hypocrisy - Disabled People Against The Cuts, Atos Victims Support Network.


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  2. Even in a state of utter desperation there are some jobs I just wouldn't do and working for ATOS is one of them.