Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tom Daley: Is Gay

This is depressing.
Seriously, it depresses the fuck out of me.
Yes, we all know Tom Daley is gay.
What a cruel world that makes a kid go through this fucking pantomime.
We've created a world where people still can't even say who they love or fancy.
Well done WORLD!


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  2. Took me a minute or two to get that gag.


  3. It is sad, but then I have dementia.

  4. Yes people can say who they love or fancy. Hence Matthew Mitcham and the rest.

    People chose not to say, either because they are scared, or scared of losing publicity, scared of losing money or because they haven't decided or because they have decided that they are not gay.

    I only detest hypocrites and so far he's not put a foot wrong there.

    It takes a lot of courage to come out, whoever you are, and my beady-eye is always on the 'forked-tonguers'.

    1. Okay. Just bored with wading through the papers and coming up against guff like this.
      Seems to be in tandem with Tom doing blatant product placements on Twitter.
      Even I may go off him...


    2. We remember that you got the hots for a cannibal recently and that was unrequited love.

      Perhaps you always chase the unattainable.

      But dreaming is great too!

    3. It's not unattainable, though - the straight dude who serves at your local Oddbins or whatever is unattainable - this is pure fantasy.
      Fantasy is fine, but to stretch that fantasy to a point where you think you know him and then to make public claims about something which should be a private matter, is very depressing.

      Would you phone him up and explain to him that he's gay?
      Coz you tweet a lot of shit to him that I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say to his face or even on the phone to him.
      Which doesn't show much respect for him as an individual.
      And then you turn round and post shit like this under the clearly dubious pretext that you care about him or even more laughably that you understand or know him.

      Give him a break, for fucks sake...

    4. I'll give him a break when he stops this silly 'I'm straight and like girls' charade.

    5. Spoken like a true bully.

    6. Sorry, I didn't mean that - but I hate people seeming to think they've any right to tell others how they should live their own lives to the point where they don't even allow them any choice in the matter.

      My concern with Tom is that he's going way over the top on the self-promotion right now and he's starting to seem excessively media trained.
      There's going to be a massive backlash if that continues.
      Maybe the smart thing for him to do is make as much money now while his star is still high, but I suspect he has enough years left to slow it right down... unless he plans to get as much as possible quickly and then come out and live how he wants without having to worry about money?

    7. S'okay.
      I think there was some 'golden handcuffs' thing which meant the Olympians were only allowed to do the promotion thing after a certain date - hence the Michael Phelps hoo-ha.
      And yes, I do think TD's twitter feed fing has got a bit ridic right now...


  5. Who says he's gay? Perhaps he's just not met the right man yet!