Thursday, 30 August 2012

Twin Nation: Non-Identical

Fascinating Radio 4 programme about identical twins where one's gay and one's straight.
They claim research indicates this happens in over half of identical twins. 
Reinforces my belief that no-one has the slightest clue why anyone turns out gay.
Or straight.

PS It's not about twins doing it, pervs. 


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  2. It;s not a belief you have it's a theory.
    Probably based on nothing much.

    1. That's my point - no-one KNOWS anything about this...

  3. PRINCE OF SNARKNESS31 August 2012 at 22:27

    whether it’s genes or environment (or even deliberate choice) it shouldn’t matter. this debate forces us into a defensive position which is a waste of our energy.


on the other hand science stuff is interesting and we shouldn’t be afraid of genuine facts.

    even in the unlikely event homosexuality turns out to be solely determined by the environment the puzzle remains: how heterosexuality -- the sine qua non of the evolutionary process which is the key to the individual’s genetic survival, no less— could so easily be knocked off course by, say, one having been allowed to play with a barbie doll, or that mummy cuddled one a bit too often.

    that this most crucial biological function could so easily and totally be derailed suggests a lack of robustness of heterosexuality may be built into the very nature of the brain itself; perhaps, therefore, an amount of homosexuality inter alia is the by-product or “collateral damage” resulting from the compromises and trade off between competing biological imperatives necessary to create a highly evolved human brain.


perhaps the way evolution has wired the human brain permits that their must be a degree of atypical or anomalous behaviour such as homosexuality (autism, left-handedness etc) as the price of the greater plasticity of an advanced brain; and if if we hadn’t had the propensity for this diversity we wouldn’t have had humans, or not as we know them today.

    stockholm, i await your call!!!

    (oh, and the r4 programme was yet another repeat. if i payed a licence fee i’d be incensed.)