Thursday, 13 September 2012

Alan Turing: Monopoly


Alan Turing here, speaking from the ether.
Now I have a Monopoly set named after me I feel my legacy is complete.
Next I want to be put on a stamp and a bank note - cause that would really make a difference, yeah.

yours ever


PS I didn't break the Enigma code, that was some Polish dudes.

PPS I may not have committed suicide. But keep pushing this sentimental blarney.


  1. It's as false to say he didn't break the Enigma code as it is to say "some Polish dudes" did. The Polish Cypher Bureau worked in close collaboration with Bletchley from the start.
    Ultimately, 83% of Enigma keys that were found were solved at Bletchley, but that's put into context when you consider how small the Polish bureau was compared to Bletchley.
    The Poles were brilliant and absolutely central to Enigma being broken but it was broken by a system much larger than either bureau or any one person or group.
    Alan Turing was as important as anyone in that system though - the Bombe may have been based on an earlier Polish design but Turing's development of it was considerable.

    I like the fact he's being celebrated in any way, really.
    A Monopoly board is a bit tacky, I guess, but so what? :)