Thursday, 13 September 2012

BBC: A Lunatic Speaks

The BBC and other broadcasters are dominated by a “liberal secular elite” whose “default position” is to assume that Christians are “lunatics”, a Radio 4 broadcaster warned last night. 
In an outspoken attack, Roger Bolton, a former presenter of the station’s Sunday programme, warned that those in charge of broadcasting suffered from a “suicidal” ignorance about religion.
He said the BBC was failing to meet its obligations as a public service broadcaster to improve understanding of religion.
Mr Bolton, who presents Radio 4’s Feedback programme in which listeners air their views, said there was a growing view among the audience that Christians in particular were being treated unfairly in comparison with other faiths...
Mr Bolton said Christian views, such as the Roman Catholic opposition to IVF or gay marriage, were too often dismissed as extreme without any attempt to understand them.
“There should at least be an effort to say that just because somebody is against gay marriage or against IVF doesn’t necessarily mean they are a lunatic – it is part of their belief, they have a genuine problem here with the legal authority or whatever – understand that position,” he said.

Daily Telegraph.
Jesus Christ!
Religion is obsolete - get over it.

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