Saturday, 8 September 2012


That's right, The Sun, Julian Clary is a "drag queen".
You really have this new-fangled street parlance down to a tee, don't you?

PS Didn't watch it, as it conflicted with my Bible studies group time-wise, but I liked this line from TV's drag queen, Julian Clary, when he emerged, blinking into the daylight; "I apologise for not being constantly filthy."


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  2. I didn't know he'd won!
    I hoped he'd do well.
    From a quick glance at some of the news sites and their comments sections it seems like he was the most liked contestant by far; people saying he was genuine and the nicest of the housemates.

    I only hope it works out well for him in the long run.
    Love you, Julian!!! (I bet he reads Fagburn)