Saturday, 15 September 2012

Clare Balding: From "Dyke On A Bike" To "National Treasure"

It could be said that 2012 has belonged to two women. Both of them uncommonly fond of dogs and horses. Both on the television quite a bit, most noticeably during the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, but neither much given to either a) histrionics, or b) high-maintenance hairdos. Both well acquainted with the eccentricities of the British upper class, and the going in the 2.30 at Sandown... 

Hilariously fawning piece in The Times - Clare Balding, National Treasure.
Strangely neglects to mention the Press Complaints Commission upheld her complaint after Sunday Times' writer AA Gill called her "a dyke".

PS Clare has been elevated to "national treasure" status in the last few weeks by The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, Mumsnet and Radio Times. I think it's as vacuous a phrase as "gay icon". Can't be arsed to post links, so Google it.

PPS 'OLYMPICS host Clare Balding has revealed she thought she was a DOG as a kid – and even wore a collar in the house.' The Sun. You couldn't make it up etc etc.


  1. The Daily Telegraph criticised Clare Balding during the Olympics. The paper's chief leader writer said she was responsible for starting a 'witch hunt' against Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen.

  2. The Sunday Telegraph magazine also used to have Sandi Toksvig as its star columnist.
    She left in March - we know not why...