Saturday, 22 September 2012

Daily Mail: Look At These Evil Men!!!

Who are the real bigots? Christian couple reveal how they have suffered a two-year campaign of death threats and abuse for refusing to let two gay men share a room in their B&B

They never made it past the kitchen or the extract from Jeremiah (chapter 16, verse 19) stuck firmly to the fridge.
Because Susanne, 56, and Mike 58, are devout Christians and only allow married heterosexual couples to book into their double rooms. And Michael Black and John Morgan, who hail from Cambridgeshire and have been together for nearly ten years, are gay.
‘I’d had a booking from a Mr Black for the Zurich room — a nice big double with an en-suite,’ explains Susanne. ‘And, naturally, I assumed it was for Mr and Mrs Black. But as I helped them manoeuvre their car into the drive, I realised they were two men and I thought: “Oh dear, this isn’t a situation I can go along with..."
So after inviting them into the kitchen (‘It felt rude to have this conversation outside’), and despite her website promising ‘a very warm welcome to all visitors’, Susanne, a former airhostess and mother of four, told them politely and firmly that she was very sorry but they’d have to leave.
‘I said that because of my convictions, I could not go along with two men in the big double bed and I refunded their £30 deposit...’
‘We are not homophobic,’ says Mike, who traded 30 years as a financial director in the City to become leader of a local non-denominational church in Marlow eight years ago.
‘We would happily have all our rooms filled with gay folk on a single occupancy basis. But not sharing a double bed because, for us, sex when you’re unmarried is a sin before God.’

Daily Mail.
Here's the hotel's website - please make mischief.
I really doubt they ever got any death threats - the police could have traced them in minutes, but - you know - wah wah wah, poor you! *makessadface*
Stupid Christian bigots. 


  1. I would be intrigued to know how the owners check on the marriage staus of their heterosexual visitors ("only allow married heterosexual couples to book into their double rooms"). Do they demand a copy of the marriage certificate and photographic ID of all persons prior to booking? However, I can't hate these people. I feel sorry for them...

  2. You applaud Deborah Orr for defending Islamic tradition, and then oppose the rights of this Christian couple to uphold _their_ beliefs.


    1. I applauded Deborah Orr for highlighting Orientalist hypocrisy.