Friday, 21 September 2012

Dexys: I Saw The Best Gig Of My Generation...

Brighton Dome last night.
I was left devastated and cried, then cried all the way home.
Never seen any concert so great in my life.
Isn't it awful when one of your favourite bands reforms and exceeds all your expectations?
The One Day I'm Going To Soar part was magnificent - though I had to move cause it was seated and some posh buffoons next to me kept talking cause they were waiting for Come On Eileen. 
But the second half was just transcendental.
One thing that struck me - cause I never saw them back in the day - but reviews often used to complain about Kevin's theatricality (like the revived police man questioning thing), meaning it was too "campy" - but this is one of the things that made it for me.
Like the way Kevin prowled around all over the stage and its curtains.
And like how he duetted with Madeleine on a video screen at first like she wasn't there, then she suddenly appears, and then turns up at the end and does this Swan Lake fall.
Bestest gig ever!
Thank you, Kevin et al.

PS Photo from the lovely and talented NigeyB.

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