Wednesday, 26 September 2012

EastEnders: New Gay Bloke

This is the new gay homosexual gay character in EastEnders, Danny Pennant, played by Gary Lucas.
Who's not gay in real life, right!
He's interviewed in The Sun, who asked the question on everyone's mind; "What was it like having to kiss a bloke?"
It was "different", we learn.
I guess he's going to be another one of those "straight-acting" gayers they specialise in - and not a bloomin' nancyboy or nuffink.  
We also get the following plot summary [SPOILER ALERT!]

Gary — who has starred in Hollyoaks and The Bill — makes his Walford entrance tomorrow when banker Danny leads a gang of pals into The Argee Bhajee.
After they’ve gone, desperate Syed faces the unwelcome arrival of a debt collector, who demands £9,000 within ten days.
And when Danny returns to get his scarf at just the right moment, his flirty charm seduces Syed into admitting his money worries to him.
But the pair’s chemistry — and their illicit kiss — will throw the spanner in the works for Syed’s engagement to Christian Clarke, played by John Partridge.

And that - in a nutshell - is why I don't have a TV.


  1. "And that - in a nutshell - is why I don't have a TV."

    Are you transphobic?

  2. Gary Lucy I think. He was also on Dancing On Ice.

  3. Not only is he a poofter he's a fahking banker an' all??
    I don't believe I'm 'earin' this, Fagburn!!!