Monday, 3 September 2012

Freddie For A Day: What A Gay Day!

From a new book of rare photographs, Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender by Sean O'Hagan.
Wednesday is Mr Mercury's birthday, and is Freddie For A Day, an awareness and fundraising event in aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which encourgaes people to dress up as Freddie for the day.
Hence the name.
No, I didn't know about it either, think it's a fan club thing.
A documentary DVD of the same name is released on September 24th.
It's directed by the lovely Rhys Thomas who went on Celebrity Mastermind dressed as Freddie - and broke the record score for correct answers about a speciality subject.
Not sure how anyone can look at a photo of Mr Mercury like the one above and think he was "pretending" about anything, though...


  1. He looks like a model for Tom of Finland.