Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Iran: New Outrage!

President Ahmadinejad of Iran has sparked outrage across the globe after becoming the first politician in recorded history to say something dumb and vaguely offensive about The Gays.
Commented blogger GayZionistLoon; "You'd never hear a politician in the US or UK or Israel saying something homophobic - how does this sleazeball get away with it?"
Mr Ahmadinejad said he didn't like The Gays much and they probably weren't "born that way" - drawing fury from Lady Gaga fans worldwide.
Even though he was speaking through a translator in Farsi - and most of his more "outrageous" comments in the past have been shown to be based on deliberate mistranslations - the gay media have been almost universal in their vaguely racist and power-serving condemnation. 
"This man is worse than Hitler," commented leading comedy gay hysteric, Patrick Smugtwit."In Iran every single gay man in the country has been hanged in what can only be called 'genocide'. I read this on the internets."
The president's comments - made in an interview with Piers Moron on CNN - have led to renewed calls to bomb Iran into the Stone Age, straight after we bomb Paris Hilton and the Vatican, presumably.


  1. Comment on Pink News in response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement that "being gay is ugly." -

    'He must have been clubbing in Cardiff there’s some right stinkers here.'

  2. "shown to be based on deliberate mistranslations"

    shown where?

    1. You could check it on Medialens.

    2. I tracked down 1 mistranslation, and that dated back to 2006.

      You said most of his more "outrageous" comments were deliberate mistranslations. Any evidence his homophobic remarks were not correctly translated?

  3. Well, he never said there are no homosexuals in Iran, for one...

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-sC26wpUGQ

    "There is absolutely no faggotism in Iran. We don't have this phenomenon " is a more precise translation from Mr Ahmadinejad's original Farsi

  5. I do wish power-servants would make up their minds as to whether he said "There are no gay people in Iran" or them claiming you get killed "just for being gay".