Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mail On Sunday: The Male Nanny

Despite spending the next four years in an all-female environment, there’s nothing in the slightest bit girly about Michael. Yes, he will be having a stab at quilt-making and how to change a nappy, but he’s also a down-to-earth sort of man.
Michael confesses to being a rather sporty type with a love of the outdoors and has a steady girlfriend who thoroughly approves of his unusual career choice – as does his mother, who inspired him to apply to Norland in the first place.
Any jibes about spoons full of sugar and nursery rhymes are taken philosophically. And no, he doesn’t believe it is controversial to employ a man as a nanny – it gives parents a choice, he explains.‘Any situation in which my male friends can turn a phrase on me and make people laugh they’ll do it,’ he chuckles.
However, his girlfriend, Ellie Hatherwell, an 18-year-old first year history student at York University, is ‘very supportive’. ‘I’d like to think I’ve given her the impression so far that she doesn’t need to worry about me being in a class with48 girls,’ says Michael.
He adds: ‘It is intimidating going into Norland for the first time. The gates do paint quite a picture. I was walking in on the first day and as I came down the steps, there was a rippling effect of whispers – and then silence. I did get a few looks. It was daunting.
‘The whispers didn’t last too long, though. I found some girls I knew and things soon went back to normal. A lot of the girls ask me how I’m coping with being the only male there. It’s good that they’re so supportive.’

The Sunday Mail sings 'Oh hosannah in the highest' at the wonderful news that this chap isn't a gayer.

PS Follow The Male Nanny on Twitter. He's very funny and gay as a lorry.

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