Thursday, 6 September 2012

Maria Miller: Shocking!

The above meme has been much RT-ed on Twitter since Maria Miller was appointed Minister for Women and Equalities on Tuesday.
It's shocking, isn't it?
It's shocking because the charges it makes against Miller are at best somewhat dubious and at worst utter balls.
I'm not going to go through them all blow-by-blow - mainly as blogger How Upsetting has already done this here.
(I trust he's right, I couldn't be arsed to check).
It's terrifying how often these things get passed on and on and on, unchallenged, unquestioned, unchecked.
But such is the apolitical "political" virtual world of online clicktivism.
How depressing.

Further, when it was announced that Miller had been made Minister For Equality, you'd think any gay journalist would immediately automatically go and check her voting record and see what she has said - or not said - on LGBT issues.
In the age of the internet it would take mere minutes to do a basic check.
Her record is piss poor, by the way - which doesn't bode well for marriage equality legislation. 
And it's really piss poor that both Pink News and Pink Paper only pointed this out the following day after picking the story up from bloggers and a press statement they were sent by a church group.
How very depressing.

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  1. I ...

    No, I just couldn't be bothered with the rest of a comment, not while the dog has crusty bits on her arse that need soaking off. Do we have a Minister for Men, or is that some FUNDAMENTAL inequality that she'll be frantically addressing as she plays footsie under the Cabinet Room table?

    Tories, equality, men are all congenital genitals and violent bastards and rule the world, women are all intrinsically/inherently/inevitably downtrodden victims and need a special Minister, must be a woman because we need one in the Cabinet and anyway only women can do equalitying properly, blah blah bollocks. Ooops, sorry - blah blah ovaries.

    Is there really no end to this thin froth and clumsy peacock display that passes for politics? Same old dreary same old, wrapped up in twice-reused paper and a manky bow.

    Oh hell, I meant to express my boredom and contempt for it all by stopping at "I ..."

    [90% of my FaceBook friends won't re-post this but those that love me and care about the plight of the Peruvian Stripey-dicked Fig-spider mite will click "like" and put this as their status for three and a half minutes and pass it on to 500 of their closest friends.]