Saturday, 8 September 2012

Manchester: Gay News!

I love you.


Seeing as all the UK gay media are puking up 10 month old YouTube clips and pretending it's "News".

PS The drag queen who recorded this song, Foo Foo La Marr, ran the Ranch etc - the only places Punks like Buzzcocks and Joy Division, could play in Manchester. Hence she invented Punk Rock. Probably.


  1. This is wonderful.

    Some gay people are embarrassed by camp now that they wish to fit in with the normals.
    I say FUCK THAT!

    This dude is a wonder and brightens the day.
    Whereas "THEY" only wish to disappear into the grey.

    This is my considered opinion, Fagburn.
    Not by a lightning quick brain, admittedly, but considered it is.

  2. He was cute............
    and Foo Foo La Marr didn't *invent* punk.