Friday, 14 September 2012

On Orientalism

Orientalism is a racist framework advanced/exposed by the great Edward Said about how to look down on people from the Middle East, India and the Maghreb.
Basically, if you read anything about homophobia in, say, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Syria etc, ask yourself "Is this bollocks?"
It often is.
I think you can see the same mindset in how that gay media cover stories from anywhere in the Third World.
Probably best not to question anything, though.
Cause they're children of a lesser god.
Don't worry, be dumb.
Here endeth today's lesson.


  1. Homophobia in Iraq was examined on a Newsnight report. People are being murdered there.

    1. I'm sure there is homophobic violence in Iraq.
      Like everywhere.
      Still, if it was on the tellybox no need to question the details.

  2. The Newsnight and BBC World service investigation was very informative. One of their main findings was how much worse the situation was for gay people in Iraq compared to neighbouring countries such as Iran or Lebanon.