Friday, 7 September 2012

Patrick Smugtwit: My Column

When I first heard that three members of the same family had been murdered while holidaying in the French Alps, my first thoughts were; 'Was this a homophobic hate crime?'
Or, more sinisterly, was this a botched attempt to silence me, the most important - and dare I say it, modest - gay journalist in the world?
And if it was would the media have afforded it the same attention?
Perhaps we will never know.  

Thanks Patrick.
Lots to think about there, as ever.
Our award-winning columnist will return as soon as he's come up with something equally ill thought-out and fatuous.
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  1. Haha!!!

    Love this site so much.

    The antithesis of the shite written by Smugtwit et al.


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  3. They're all laughing at you, Carrie!