Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pink Paper: Another One Bites The Dust

After 25 years of bringing news to the UK LGBT community, it is with sadness we announce today that it is no longer practical to continue to update Pink Paper’s daily website.

Media director Kim Watson of Pink Paper publishers MPL commented: “With a hardening economy, diminished job advertising and increasing global online news services covering similar stories, it has become harder to justify continuance of this award-winning website as part of our publishing portfolio."

Goodbye drivel machine.
This is technically the third time the Pink Paper has closed - it happened twice under the editorship of Tris Reid-Smith, something of a record in the publishing world, I think.
Well done, Tristram! 
The following editor, Peter Lloyd, managed to make it even worse - a spectacular feat.  
Shame, as it was a publication that began with good and radical intentions, in the dark days of Section 28, and used to have some great staff. 
Makes you wonder who'll be next - tick tick tick...

PS It was all written by interns for the last few months so I can't see what the costs were. Still, a sad day for slave labour, nonetheless...


  1. Are you sure you are covering 'gay men and the media' and aren't out to destroy it? :D

  2. I'm trying to make it better.
    Sometimes they listen.

  3. It was news to me it was still going!