Friday, 21 September 2012

Pride London: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

What went wrong with the funding of World Pride London and what lessons are there for the Mayor’s future support of large scale community events?
World Pride London should have been an international celebration of the gay, lesbian and transgender community in the capital.
However, despite the free use of Trafalgar Square and up to £100,000 of funding from the Mayor from London, just 10 days before the event Pride organisers announced they were short of cash.
This led to the significant scaling back of the parade and planned entertainment.  As a result participation in the procession was estimated at between 5,000 and 25,000 rather than attendances of 800,000 recorded in previous years.
Our Greater London Authority Oversight Committee is conducting a review of the funding of World Pride London and the impact scaling back the event has had.
As part of its investigation, the Committee will look at:
  • How and why the decision was taken to scale back the event;
  • The role of the Mayor in supporting World Pride London;
  • The role of London and Partners in supporting Pride and the impact on London’s reputation of its scaling-back; and
  • The Mayor’s objectives for future support for London Pride and what lessons can be learnt for any other large-scale community events.
If you or your organisation would like to contribute views or information to this review please contact Richard Derecki at by 1 November at the latest.

GLA website.
If you contact Richard Derecki you may want to point out Pride London has been hijacked for the last 15 years by posh idiots who fed the media a laughable lie that a million people had attended the last ones.
And they held a parade/march - basically again, hijacked - by way of example, an advert for a crap corporate firm so crap they can order their slave-wage staff to dress up as giant factory-fed chickens and humiliate themselves on a Saturday - with a bunch of crap PAs on a small stage after.
And this would cost how much exactly?
Any guesses where all the money went?

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