Thursday, 13 September 2012

Queerty: Oh Dearty

Has anyone else noticed how Queerty - once my favourite gay website - has plummeted into the abyss?
Just seems to be a load of advertorial and badly sourced old "news".
I guess they are making the classic gay media mistake of trying to maximise profit while alienating all its readers.
Probably be closed by Christmas.


  1. Its demise really does feel like an inevitability now.
    It's interesting what you say about maximising profit.
    I couldn't work out why they chose to make people sign up before being able to comment but then soon after they made this change came the torrent of advertorial shite. So I wonder if that's somehow connected (ie. "clean up" the content and get more ad revenue)?
    Less comment, less hits, there seem to be new writers on there every day and the content is getting worse and worse. :(

  2. I think Fagburn would be wanking himself stupid over that book.
    Just sayin'.