Thursday, 6 September 2012

Robbie Williams: The Full John Travolta

“I was Googling myself today and the first search that comes up is gay.
“But I’ve got the wife pregnant, so I’m doing the full John Travolta.”

Robbie Williams at the GQ Men Of the Year Awards
Tee hee.

PS Just tried and the top three matches for Robbie Williams now are; baby, songs, and angels, but what the hey!
The first gay thing to come up is on Yahoo! Answers.
"Is Robbie Williams gay?"
"Best answer: According to"
What on Jupiter did people do before the internets?


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  2. I always bristle when (apparently) straight people mock (supposedly) gay people for being in the closet.
    I just think anyone who's in the closet is primarily a victim of straight society shitting on us in almost every single way possible: in law, social and family prejudice, imposed shame, and language - and from our earliest years before we even knew we were gay.

    Gay people in the closet who go out of their way to be publicly homophobic or actively make life worse for out gay people, then fuck them.
    But for the rest of closeted celebrities who just keep quiet about it, that mockery is wrong on so many levels, esp for the ones who are closeted out of fear.
    But for straight people to mock this later group, from their whole lifelong position of never having to experience this prejudice that "they" created. It's sickening.

    I think they're either thick or couldn't give a fuck about gay people and all the reasons why some desperately remain closeted.

    Fuck these cunts like Williams.
    Think of another hi-larious joke, you talentless moron.
    Another one that comes to mind is Kathy Griffin, the US comedian who claims to a friend of the LGBT community (indeed, seemingly going out of her way to help causes with money etc), but fills her act with "jokes" about how people like Hugh Jackman are definitely gay and he should come out already.

    My main point is that if Travolta is closeted then that's probably ultimately a tragic thing and for any straight people to mock that makes them either too thick to sympathise with WHY he and many like him are closeted or they're just using it as an acceptable way to be homophobic and laugh at (closeted) gay people.


  3. Honestly, Fagburn, am I being humourless here (wouldn't be the first time)?
    It is just a joke, I guess.

    What do you think about straight people telling jokes of this kind?
    From what I said in my first comment, it almost seems to me a sort of bullying of people who are fucked up (closeted, if he is gay, who knows) because huge societal/familial/etc bullying in their early lives.
    Mocking victims, as it were.

    It annoys me, but I may be thinking about it too much - or not thinking at all....

    1. Agreed.
      It's bullying - whether by a straight or a gay person - though more noxious by far if the person doing the mocking is straight.

      It's also "blaming the victim" - always a reactionary position.

      Admittedly I'm sure there are several examples of me being a hypocrite about this on here...