Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Independent: You Need Hands

The Independent - which regular viewers will know has the most piss-poor coverage of gay issues of any broadsheet - has started a "campaign" for equal marriage!
Oh hurrah!
And new Equalities Minister Maria Miller has finally come out for equality.
Clicktivists can even sign a petition. 
Funny how they've just realised they were alienating gay readers with only publishing some intermittent irrelevant patronising schlock about The Gays.
How can this be?
Who told them?
Anyway, behold a tidal wave of patronising sentimental vomit while they try to redress the balance. 
Gay marriage YAY!
I think The Independent would make a more significant contribution to gay liberation, if they didn't think we are all so ashamed that they can only print photos of our hands.
Or cake toppers.
Just a thought.

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