Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Independent: The Smith?

The Independent.

If you're going to write a snitty, nitpicking book review probably best to spell the band's name right.

PS The Independent's new Independent Voices online section is beyond tragic. This paper really has gone dog-wise.

PPS Nothing to comment on today thus far, but I'm sure someone will annoy me sooner or later. If not I'll just post some photos of Tom Daley. Bye!


  1. To be fair, the writer James Hopkin is highly unlikely to have made that error in the headline. Some sub-editor is to blame, and even now Hopkin is probably ranting down the phone to them about it undermining his article.

  2. True.
    Boyz used to have a rather old gentleman as sub-editor who was notorious for bungling up headlines etc in the interests of pedantry.
    My favourite - an article about gay men and their fathers retitled 'Papa, do not preach'.