Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Times: Good News

To Yorkshire, where my annual Pray Your Gay Away Day is held to convert inverts and perverts back to the L--d’s grace. Unaccountably, the lure of free coffee and an electro-shock booth designed to release poor sinners from an unholy attachment to soft furnishings is completely unattended.
Following the biblical laws of our father Adam, I blame Mrs Dr Rick, in charge of publicity, for this blow to the finances of the Church of the Eternal Verities plc. “The woman tempted me and I did eat,” Adam told G-d, proving for all time that a woman’s place is in the wrong....

The Times.
The latest installment/sermon of The Good News Of Dr Rick.
'This month, our very own sage of the South, Dr Rick Sanitorium, takes a weekend break in God’s own country. Er, Yorkshire' 
Be even funnier if evangelical Christians weren't still actually doing this. 


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    1. I know - that's the only bit concerning gayers.

      If you're a member of a local library many give out Times/Sunday Times log-in details.

      The Page 3 Fella!!!!

      Check out this hottie -

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