Friday, 14 September 2012

Thought For The Day: Neil Tennant

"You should always celebrate your successes because someone else will celebrate your failures."

Neil Tennant interviewed in The Guardian
Contains a link to a stream of the new album Elysium.

PS Also reveals Pet Shop Boys are "working with the BBC Philharmonic on a piece of music about Alan Turing, the codebreaker and computer pioneer who was prosecuted for homosexuality ("A terrible story," says Tennant. "Of course the reason they won't pardon Alan Turing is because they'd have to pardon all those homosexual men. Well why don't they? Why don't they pardon them all, actually?")."
Oddly this quote doesn't appear in the print edition. 

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  1. the english government are the ones who should be seeking a pardon because they committed the crime