Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thought For The Day: Paul O'Grady On The 80s

“It was like something out of a ­horror movie.
“It was a really bad time. When I wasn’t in a hospital comforting a friend in their final hours, I’d be at another friend’s funeral or consoling someone’s parents, who didn’t even know their son was gay, let alone dying.
“By the time Aids had done its worst, there were only three of our original group of friends left.”

Paul O'Grady talking to the Sunday Mirror
Lovely chap, back on the tellybox in For The Love Of Dogs on Monday.
He also has his third volume of memoirs, which cover the Lily Savage years, Still Standing, published next month.
His books are great - At My Mother's Knee... was notoriously the first book in living memory to get unqualified praise from Private Eye's normally caustic reviewer.

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