Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thought For The Day: Rev Peter Ould

Church of England priest Peter Ould believes men can live together as partners and have holy and fulfilled lives, as long as those lives are celibate.
He argues that sexual desire can be suppressed for both homosexuals and unmarried heterosexuals and that God will replace those wants with something else.
Mr Ould is married with children and calls this stage of his life "post gay". Although he never had sex with a man or conversion therapy, in his 20s he was provided with pastoral support for his attractions to men.
"A holy life means abstaining from sexual relations until one is married to someone of the opposite sex," he told BBC Religion....

BBC News online. 
Strange that anyone from the church can spout this moralising high-ground twittery, when the Catholic church and the Church of England are the world's biggest paedophile rings.

PS The BBC story centres on the story of a gay man who claims to have spent $30,000 on conversion therapy - which failed. Sorry, but he sounds like a fruitloop and fantasist.

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  1. Mind you, if I was THAT gay, I might try conversion therapy! LOL.