Friday, 7 September 2012

Thought For The Day: Richard Littlejohn

"As Peter Mandelson proves, if you’re going to break the rules, it helps to be gay. Then we’re deep into ‘personal tragedy’ territory and speedy rehabilitation. It’s hankies all round, not handcuffs.
"By rights, Laws should have been put on trial for fraud, not brought back into government before he’s even given his own constituents the chance to pass their verdict on him. But now it’s time to ‘move on’. It’s the modern way.
"Perhaps they’ll put him in charge of approved schools."

Richard Littlejohn back on top form in the Daily Mail.
That's right, Dicky, there's one law for the bumders, and one for the likes of you.
You couldn't make it up! etc etc.


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  2. Mandelson clearly had the inside on everyone and was allegedly one of the architects of New Labour - also a close friend of Blair.
    The fact he;s gay has got fuck all to do with the fact he's a scheming politician who knew how how to bolster his position and took full advantage of that position and those friendships.

    Lwaws serves the Cons completely: he's natura; Tory, he's liked by the LibDems - he seems to know what he's doind, albeit in aTory context.

    THESE are clearlt the reasons both where brought back.


    Littlejohn in his small mindedness dreariness always reduces things to the easy jibe - he;s never rihgt, but it doesn't seem to matter to his biased readers.

    I fucking hate that and I hate him.