Saturday, 3 November 2012

2012: The Year Of The Sex Olympics

You can clearly say anything you want now.
Ironically, this was alleged to have happened during the recording of the play, The Year Of The Sex Olympics.

Now regarded as one of the 1960s' most effective and engaging one-off pieces of science fiction, the play is chiefly remembered for the prescience of the scenarios it develops. Most obviously, the play's characters devise a television programme called 'The Live Life Show' in which a group of people is separated from society. The ensuing struggle to adapt to new surroundings is broadcast live, with the viewing public's voyeuristic pleasure heightened by the problems participants endure. Both the template for this fictitious entertainment and the audience's rapt reaction seem to presage the proliferation of 'reality' television in the 1990s... Similarly, the 'dumbing down', 'sexing up' and sheer predominance of television appear to have been predicted by Kneale's play. (BFI).

Dumbing down and sexing up as weapons of mass distraction?
Can't happen here!
Let prurient sex hysteria rule the day.
And hurrah for repressive desublimation!

PS You can watch the incredibly prescient, The Year Of The Sex Olympics here.
"I remember the old slogan; fight fire with fire, sex with sex. Now they've dowsed it, dowsed it with this..."
Though one thing it didn't predict was its flipside; voyeuristic, salacious and hypocritical tabloid witch hunts...


  1. isn't it hypocritical to run this next to speculation about McAlpine?

  2. Sex Olympics was filmed at Ealing not TV Centre, so this story is very dodgy.