Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adoption: Catholics Don't Care

Catholic adoption agency loses five year legal battle over its refusal to accept gay couples

Catholic Care said it would lose its funding through Church collections and other voluntary donations if it allowed same-sex couples to adopt children
Charity Commission insisted charity's stance is 'divisive, capricious and arbitrary' and 'demeaning' to dignity of homosexual couples
Judge was told that charity's stance was in clear violation of Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Charity says it might close its adoption services after landmark court ruling

The Daily Mail.

This would be excellent news if it closed! 
Can you imagine anyone you'd least want to be in charge of placing children with adults than a Roman Catholic organisation? 
"Catholic Care" is a sick oxymoron.
They'd let Jimmy Savile - the papal Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great - adopt.

PS Stock Photo Watch, the two gay men above have half a face showing between them. Dat's progress!

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