Friday, 9 November 2012

David Cameron: The Last Word/s

Felt so angry about all this mass hysteria and the misreporting - and about the torrent of pious victimist Twitter crap last night - I wrote this.

PS It increasingly looks like the "apparent fantasist" is a fantasist.
Who knew?
Apart from anyone with a brain.

In conclusion: Things aren't necessarily true just cause you want them to be, and sometimes people lie (even about things that may, in essence, be true)...

Update: To clarify, Tom Watson has said his allegations are about another top Tory secret paedophile ring...


  1. Victimist (n) - someone who enjoys their victim status and sees oppression and prejudice where there are none.

    I may have made this word up.

  2. Your Pink News Comment

    is the usual crapola we've come to expect from Fagburn, only with the twist that you now support the man you recently asked people to kill

  3. Might be an idea if you read what I wrote, my love.


  4. Fagburn, hun, do you still want us to kill David Cameron? Don't you feel he's worthy of a reprieve?

  5. As I've said below, I think he should be tried for class war crimes.
    What the workers' tribunal decide to do with him after is entirely a matter for them.

  6. You never mentioned any trial till now

    1. See last line here -